Vice President Prof. Dr. Karin Schwarz

Vice President for Research, Technology Transfer and Early Career Researchers

Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4, Raum 104
Phone: 0431 880 5590
Telefax: 0431 880 7333

Curriculum Vitae

After completing her first state examination in Nutritional Science and Biology at the University of Hannover, Professor Karin Schwarz went on to earn her doctorate in 1992. This was followed by positions as a research assistant and head assistant, as well as a research residency at the University of California in Davis, California. In 1999, Schwarz qualified to teach at professorial level in Nutritional Science and was then granted a professorship in Food Technology at Kiel University.

Since then, Schwarz has held various offices both within the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Science and at the University. She was a member of the Convention, Dean of the Faculty and, most recently, senator. Karin Schwarz is a member of many scientific societies, foundations and advisory boards. In addition to this, she has also received numerous awards and achieved research and funding successes.

On 2 June 2014, the University Senate elected Professor Karin Schwarz as Vice President of Research, technology transfer and young scientists. Her term of office will last for three years.

Mission Statement

“University is the best place to understand systems in context. Discussing and working together with other scientists while solving scientific issues are some of my best professional experiences. After the election, Schwarz stated: “As Vice President it is a privilege to commit myself to the ‘system’ known as university, and play a part in shaping it”.

She added: “From now on, I regard my most important task as working on projects for the future which give younger colleagues the opportunity to develop their full potential in the fields of research and technology transfer.”