University Board of Kiel University

Form the interim University Board of Kiel University: Karin Schwarz, Claudia Ricarda Meyer, Ilka Parchmann and Anja Pistor-Hatam.© Jürgen Haacks, Uni Kiel

The University Board oversees the activities of the University and is its legal representative. It encourages all University bodies, the faculties and institutions to conduct their tasks. It also ensures that all members of the University fulfil their obligations and that their rights are protected. In order to perform these tasks the members of the University Board draw on the University Board Administration.

Since 1st June 2020, an interim University Board has been in charge of the business of the Kiel University (CAU). The board consists of Chancellor Claudia Ricarda Meyer as well as the previous Vice Presidents Professor Anja Pistor-Hatam, Professor Karin Schwarz and Professor Ilka Parchmann. This means that a fully functional university management will continue to be in place until the election of a new president of the CAU. Existing tasks will remain distributed as before. Tasks from the President's area of responsibility will be carried out by individual members of the interim University Board in close coordination. (Press release of 1st June 2020)